DF Tubes 2,5'' Pumpkinseed / Purple Laminate
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DF Tubes 2,5'' Pumpkinseed / Purple Laminate

Product Code: 517-568

Designed right here, with the eco-friendly and scent features that Dreamfishing does. This is because Dreamfishing lures break down in water to help keep our precious waterways clean. In addition, the fish will keep the lure in the mouth longer during attack because Dreamfishing lures do not have a disgusting rubber taste, they are even appetizing to fish. Thus, you will have a longer reaction time to shoe your catch!
The versatile 2.5-inch multi-species tube is made from a flexible plastic allowing the fish to hold it longer during attack to maximize your catch ratio. Ideal in situations of high fishing pressure, the 2.5 Dreamfishing tube reduces the presentation compared to standard size tubes and becomes an easy and more attractive prey for finicky fish. Available in a wide variety of colors to suit different water bodies and weather conditions. Bass lover, Dreamfishing hits have proven themselves!

The 2.5 Dreamfishing Copper tubes:

• 2.5 inch soft baits,
• environmentally friendly,
• with odors,
• easier and more attractive prey,
• effective for bass
• by a company from here.
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